Ward Departments

St Gabriel’s Ward

St Gabriel’s Ward specialises in the care of patients requiring neurosurgical and craniofacial surgery but also cares for patients with both general surgical and medical conditions. Our aim is to provide the highest standard of individualised nursing care to each patient. We promote family-centered care by supporting parents and principal carers during their hospital stay. We are a 14 bedded unit including 2 isolation rooms.

On admission you will be provided with a booklet detailing all relevant information about the ward and the ward routine.

The nursing team including the clinical nurse manager 2 and 2 nurse manager 1, clinical education facilitator, staff nurses, post registration and undergraduate student nurses and healthcare assistants will care for child while working closely with the neurosurgical, medical, surgical and multi-disciplinary teams.

Ward Contact Numbers

  • Main Reception: 01 8784683
  • Nurses Station:  01 8784680/81

St Gabriels Ward Team

Clinical Nurse Manager 2: Lauren Moore

Clinical Nurse Managers 1

  • Ms Kerrie Murtagh
  • Ms Roisin Kiely

Clinical Education Facilitators: Nisha John and Sarah O’Beirne

The principle role and responsibility of the Clinical Nurse Education facilitator is educational and professional development, facilitating the on-going development of clinical nurse practise in clinical area. She promotes high standards of care and protocols in line with best practice guidelines.

St Michaels B

Welcome to St Michael’s B ward

Ward Philosophy

The aim of St. Michael’s B ward is to provide the highest standard of individualised nursing care to infants and children. We promote holistic, family-centered care, by supporting parents or principal carers during their stay in the hospital.

  • The ward is divided into two sections:
    • “The Long end” – which comprises of eight single cot cubicles.
    • The NHDU (Neonatal High Dependency Unit) – which comprises of 6 bed spaces (3 cot cubicles and 3 high visibility cot spaces).
  • Our ward cohort consists of admissions from the emergency department and transfers from maternity hospitals that require acute medical and surgical care, as well as premature neonates and infants who require high dependency care.
  • Our age profile ranges from newborn infants, including those born prematurely, up to 6kg.
  • As Temple Street is the Paediatric neurosurgical centre of Ireland all infants and neonates diagnosed with neurosurgical complications from around the country are transferred into our care. On St Michael’s B our highly skilled staff ensure that best practice and high quality evidence based nursing is delivered to our patients.

Ward Contact numbers

  • St Michaels B Long End T 018784279/018784651
  • St Micahels B NHDU T 018784808/018784304

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

Welcome to the Paediatric Intensive Care unit (PICU). We are a 9 bedded unit that looks after children from babies to young people. We provide care for a variety of different conditions during a critical stage of their illness.

Our mission is; ‘to provide high quality evidence based holistic critical care to all of Ireland’s children and their families with compassion and excellence’.

PICU is a very different environment from other hospital wards. Your child is here as they require specialist care that can only be given in PICU. We recognise that this is an extremely emotional time and it is important that we as a team work with you as parents to make your child’s stay as stressless as possible.  Each day, one of our Intensive Care Consultants and team will review your child to check on their progress. Your child’s condition will be discussed with a detailed plan being made for the day. You are welcome to be present and encouraged to ask questions at the end of the round. Due to the critical nature of the environment only parents/guardians may visit while in PICU. While we have no facilities for you to stay overnight at the bedside we will do our best to provide parents accommodation for you to rest in.

The main contact number for the unit is (01) 878 4256.

The Operating Theatre Department

The Theatre Department in CHI@Temple Street has a long history with Neurosurgery – Mr O Donovan carried our spinal tethering surgery in the 70’s. For a period our Paediatric General Surgeons placed shunts, while Mr Alcutt assisted with Craniofacial cases.

In 2008 Mr Caird was appointed and the neurosurgical care of children in the 0-6 yr age group was officially transferred to  Temple Street University Hospital from Beaumont Hospital , followed by the 6-16 yr age group in 2020.

Since then  surgical technique and equipment have seen several advacements, all of which improve patient care. In the photo you can see the Kinevo 900 microscope which is state of the art and shows the hospitals and fundraising  commitment and investment in neurosurgey.

The Theatre multidisciplinary team include highly trained Paediatric Anaesthesiologist, Nurses, Surgeons, porters ,HCA and visiting neuromonitoring teams.

The perioperative nursing care of neurosurgical patients is a sub specialaity, which is lead by CNM 2 Pramila Mohan and CNM 1 Libin Mathew. All perioperative nurses in Temple Street are trained to assist with both elective and emergency cases.

The Neurosurgical team have regular access to theatre for elective cases , both urgent and emergency cases are faciliated within agreed timelines.